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  • Examples of criticize
    1. The brash private had the audacity to criticize the general.
    2. 1734, William Stukeley, Of the Gout, page 57 : ...carters and coachmen, who make in imitation thereof a composition of grease and tar, with which they besmear the inside of the naves of wheels and the extremitys of the axis upon which they move. 2012 January 26, Jim Vandehei, Mike Allen, “Drudge, conservative media criticize Newt Gingrich”[1], Politico: His public record is already besmeared with tawdry divorces,…
  • Examples of criticizes
    1. Deleuze criticizes the Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages, which he considers a perfect example of arborescent dualistic theory.
  • Examples of criticized
    1. The politician was criticized for his ambiguous statements and lack of precision.
    2. The speaker unduly criticized his opponent and later apologized for this. ‎
    3. He dropped a real clanger when he criticized the paraplegic for not standing.
    4. He'll get his dander up if his team is criticized.
    5. The passive voice is sometimes criticized for de-emphasizing the actor. ["is ... criticized" is passive.]
    6. But other parents and some educators have criticized it as preprofessionalism run amok or a marketing gimmick.
  • Examples of criticizing
    1. In fact, the neoconservative Moynihan running in New York against the paleoconservative James Buckley was able to position himself as the proper heir to a New Deal liberal tradition that Moynihan had been vigorously criticizing for almost a decade.
    2. Again, I'm not criticizing, I just want to understand. ‎
    3. Q. Before stepping down as Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair made a speech criticizing the British media, during which he singled out The Independent as a “metaphor” for what has happened to the news over his tenure, saying it is “well-edited and lively” but “is avowedly a viewspaper not merely a newspaper.”
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