EN[kaɪˈ(j)oʊti] [ˈkaɪ(j)oʊt] [kɔɪˈ(j)oʊteɪ] [ˈkɔɪ(j)oʊt]

    Examples of coyote in a Sentence

  • Examples of coyote
    1. The woman was so coyote ugly that if she wanted to hold my hand, I would chew it off at the wrist and give it to her.
    2. Behind all this was the mythy Paul Bunyan, that giant lumberjack from the North Woods who bestrode entire counties in a single step while accompanied by the equally gigantic Babe the Blue Ox. To be sure, as with other heroes of American fakelore — bear-wrestling Davy Crockett, coyote-raised Pecos Bill, river-boating Mike Fink — there lingered about Paul Bunyan an aroma of frontier development and chamber-of-commerce boosterism.
  • Examples of coyotes
    1. Coyotes account for more rabbits than hunters do.
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