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EN[ˈkʌntɹi] [-ʌntɹi]

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    1. Notwithstanding much sciolous speculation concerning slavery, [ …] yet by overruling Providence men have been slaves of masters in all ages and in every country. — Charles Jared Ingersoll (1856).
    2. the country set
    3. The southeastern part of the country is the most affluent.
    4. South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa.
    5. a country subject to extreme heat
    6. This army is sufficient to defend the country.
    7. There is not sufficient access to the internet in the some small country villages.
    8. New York, and later, Chicago were superdominant major centers for entire sections of the country. It is easy to understand how they grew into the main centers of jazz.
  • Examples of countries
    1. Therefore, our findings suggest that green growth policies focussing on woodfuel sectors in developing countries offer a double dividend: they remove market failures with harmful consequences for both the local, regional and global environment and alleviate poverty among the poorest of the poor at the same time.
    2. Recently, the transradial access for CCA became of more interest, as it showed less local vascular complications at the entry site [43 ], but the utilization of a transradial approach still varies strongly among countries [44 ].
    3. "Of course violence against women is not limited to Islamic countries but Islamic countries have become stigmatised as being mysogynist societies which are inherently anti-women."
    4. In the European countries and United States of America it is estimated that RV is responsible for 30%-50% of hospitalizations due to acute gastroenteritis among infants and young children in the prevaccine era.
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