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EN[ˈkɑt.n̩] [ˈkɑʔ.n̩] [ˈkɒt.n̩] [-ɒtən]

    Examples of cotton in a Sentence

  • Examples of cotton
    1. He got the idea of transforming the traditional sashiko — quilted-cotton worker's pants and jacket fabric — into a modern leisure fabric, a homegrown equivalent of denim, which became another early source of gender-free clothing.
    2. Another choice is handblocked cotton curtains from Urban Outfitters, which come in sassy, bohemian motifs and range in price from $14.99 to $36 a panel.
    3. Aboubakar Fofana, a Malian artist who divides his time between Paris and Bamako, creates indigo textiles made from handspun cotton and linen.
    4. A wooden nest box, containing cotton batting nesting material replaced twice a year, was attached at 1.3 m to a large tree [26 to 58 cm in diameter at breast height (DBH)] in each of 20 grid cells; boxes were stratified to maximize intercell distances.
    5. Intertwined threads of cotton
    6. to open matted cotton by separating the fibres
    7. a cotton-poly blend
    8. Nor does she cotton to combination grind-and-brew makers or anything dependent on pod packets of preground coffee.
  • Examples of cottons
    1. Spielvogel said wet cleaning also has limitations; while it is fine for cottons and fabrics worn in warm climates, he said, it can damage heavy wools or structured clothes like suit jackets.
  • Examples of cottoning
    1. I want to tell you the Dukes, both mother and son, are cottoning to her fast enough
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