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    1. The graser beam melted through the far wall of the lounge, but luckily beyond that lay only sections of the complex containing the cargo runcibles, and there it finally spent its energy slagging the massive handler robots.
    2. The basic idea of "Rip Van Winkle" would lend itself admirably to Broadway treatment, for Mr. MacKaye has taken liberties, with the legend and introduced the topical idea of a Magic Flask, containing home-made hootch.
    3. The vestibule or entrance hall is a Madame Tussaud's on a small scale, containing the trial of Christ, the Siamese-twins, St. Paul incarcerated
    4. The pyramids at Giza are flanked by large cemeteries containing hundreds of mastabas.
    5. Today, at iGoogle (google.com/ig), you can dress up all that white space with useful miniboxes containing additional info.
    6. I got breast cancer this year, and now avoid products containing parabens.
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