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    1. The domestic architecture within settlements conformed to no particular plan, and could consist of free-standing circular to subrectangular houses with one or two rooms...[2]
    2. The cornices consist of frutages and festoons. — Evelyn.
    3. where did i go wrong? *sob, sob* i merely wanted to point out that not all neverthrivings consist of solely men, that there are some average juggling women.......who don't have testicles.
    4. In English, most phrasal prepositions consist of an adverbial followed by a one-word preposition.
    5. Punding may consist of activities such as collecting pebbles and lining them up as perfectly as possible, or disassembling doorknobs and putting them back together again.
    6. This newsgroup mostly seems to consist of reposts of the FAQ. Doesn't anyone talk?
    7. Ladies matches shall consist of 6 rubbers. Each rubber shall consist of best of 3 games to 21 points.
    8. Microscopic appearances consist of round to spindled cells with tapering cytoplasm arranged in storiform patterns in a collagenous matrix.
    9. These specimens consist of a skull, two hemimandibles and several hind limb elements (fibula, astragalus, calcaneum, metatarsals, and phalanges).
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    1. In contrast, our molecular data show that Petrocosmea consists of five clades corroborated by morphological data as prementioned.
    2. Based on these categories, 90% of Sumatra consists of very humid, superhumid and hyperhumid bioclimates.
    3. The hindgut matrix in prehatching stage 19 embryos consists of a trilayered electron dense lamina, subjacent electron dense material and the innermost lucent layer.
    4. The second pair consists of chironomid-based salinity reconstruction derived from varved sediments in Qaidam Basin and ASM precipitation index derived from the speleothem in Sha’anxi.
    5. Microlensed double-image quasars have sent a consistent message that the baryonic dark matter consists of a dark population of free-roaming planet mass objects.
  • Examples of consisted of
    1. Until then his life had consisted of low-paying jobs, numberous unemployments, and drug use.
    2. The town's water supply consisted of three wells, but a new one was being dug to meet demand from the new development.
    3. Samples of nauplius, copepodid and chalimus stages consisted of pools of parasites.
    4. Our "music" consisted of a bass-drum, which was tortured by the clown; a fish-horn beautifully played upon by Sam Palmer; a dinner-bell whose din was extracted by Jack Adams.
    5. Three numbers were taken from “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim,” a 1947 Betty Grable movie whose musical score consisted of posthumously lyricized George Gershwin tunes.
    6. These complications consisted of severe cholangitis, large abscesses and sepsis, and portal venous or mesentericoportal venous thrombosis.
    7. The culture plating medium consisted of neurobasal medium supplemented with 2% heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), 0.5 mM L-glutamine, 0.025mM L-glutamate and 2% B27 (Invitrogen).
    8. The final phase of Mexican League history was launched only after the sudden death of Jorge Pasquel in 1955; it consisted of steady-handed rebuilding of league fortunes under the capable direction of a new league management.
    9. The polaroplast consisted of a region of closely and loosely packed series of membranes (Fig 4D and 4E ).
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    1. In general, when SMFs consisting of oil, surfactant, and/or cosurfactant (cosolvent) are placed in an in vitro dissolution medium or in gastrointestinal fluid in vivo, homogeneous oil-in-water microemulsions form spontaneously with mild agitation.
    2. For this purpose, we used dibromoterfluorene (DBTF) monomers, consisting of three fluorene units, carrying lateral methyl groups and a Br atom at each end ( Fig. 1A ).
    3. Briefly, liposomes consisting of dimethyl dioctadecyl ammonium bromide and cholesterol (1:1 M ratio) were dried using a Rotavaporator (Brinkman, Westbury, NY), dissolved in 5 % glucose, and sonicated.
    4. Roots were preserved up to eight weeks in lactoglycerol consisting of 86% glycerol (Carl Roth, Karlsruhe, Germany), 80% lactic acid (Carl Roth, Karlsruhe, Germany) and ultra-purified water with a ratio of 1:1:1 before preparing microscope object slides.
    5. Although German, Polish and Russian all have a three-way gender system consisting of masculine, feminine and neuter nouns, only Polish and Russian have additional subgenders based on animacy and/or personhood.
    6. For instance, a gravity-sensitive statocyst, consisting of statolith-containing lithocytes supported by four groups of ciliated cells (balancers), occurs in the sensory structure complex (“apical organ”) at the aboral pole of ctenophores [50 ].
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