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    1. They are clearly wetlands of considerable importance, reflected in their gazettal as protected areas and Ramsar sites.
    2. One sample, W52 (fabric group 3), separates out from the other sherds, which overlap with a considerable amount of intrasample variation.
    3. Rb1-competent cells displayed mono-nucleated morphology whereas the Rb1-negative cells displayed considerable micronucleation consistent with an attenuated mitotic checkpoint arising from an Mps1 functional block.
    4. Still, being confined midrow for a long one, even a classic like Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” demands considerable focus.
    5. It is worth noting that subjects invest considerable amounts of time on the noncrucial turns (i.e. on average about 16 seconds), but these investments have no payoff.
    6. As early as 1881, the possibilists had won considerable backing in Parisian municipal elections;
    7. Should he be weak-handed (poor), he is compelled to be content with what is termed girdling, which consists in cutting the bark, thereby, of course, killing the trees, and he afterwards clears away the underwood, which is seldom considerable.
    8. We had a considerable tight scratch with about an equal number of the British.
    9. This considerable variation (68%) is due to the subellipsoidal form of the protoconch.
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