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EN[kɒmpaʊnd] [ˈkɑmpaʊnd] [ˈkɒmpaʊnd] [kəmˈpaʊnd] [-aʊnd]

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  • Examples of compound
    1. In this this paper, we introduce new classes of operators in complex Banach spaces, which we call k-bitransitive operators and compound operators to study the direct sum of diskcyclic operators.
    2. The ethyl acetate extract of QTYC-45 and sterile QTYC-45 exhibited a difference in retention time of 10.8 min (S3 Fig , peak marked with*), indicating that the compound (10.8 min, peak marked with *) was produced by the endofungal bacteria itself.
    3. a fungicidally active compound
    4. a herbicidally active compound
    5. an insecticidally active compound
    6. Bradykinin (1 μg in 10 μl saline) or compound 48/80 (3 μg in 10 μl saline) was injected intracutaneously.
    7. Resveratrol (3,5,4′-trihydroxy- trans -stilbene) is a nonflavonoid polyphenolic compound belonging to the stilbene group able.
  • Examples of compounds
    1. At the request of Defence Food Research Laboratory, 14 new anacardic compounds synthesised from tetrahydroanacardol were screened for toxicity to insect and albino rats.
    2. Although we cannot exclude that inter-clone recombination may have also contributed to this notable frequency increase, values of this magnitude were only previously observed under strong selective pressures with antichlamydial compounds [137 ].
    3. They also illustrate the advantage of biological synthesis to achieve bifunctionalization, as exemplified by several of our bi-halogenated compounds.
    4. Consequently, pharmacological compounds in cordyceps may be associated with neurotrophic effects, which regulate behavioral sensitization and reward circuits of drug addiction.
    5. Various compounds with siderophore activity, including pyoverdines-Fe-complex, desferricoprogen and salicylic acid, were found to stimulate the growth of difficult-to-culture strains [ …]
  • Examples of compounded
    1. Holt was furious referee Michael Oliver refused to then award him a penalty after Ledley King appeared to pull his shirt and his anger was compounded when Spurs immediately levelled.
    2. After birth, the damage will be compounded by nonnurturing environments and poor education.
    3. The pointlessness of the discussion only compounded her boredom.
    4. It was a strange kind of clapping; a sort of wide-handed upward clap, compounded by the exaggerated nasal voice the hijras used in speech.
  • Examples of compounding
    1. Many women seeking natural remedies have turned to compounding pharmacies, druggists who promise so-called bioidentical hormones that are chemically synthesized but have the same molecular structure as hormones produced by a woman’s body.
    2. Compounding the word looked wrong, so I hyphenated it instead.
    3. The scene under the candlenut torches was as familiar to us as the Ohio River of Uncle Tom to the small-town schoolboy; the meager rows of three-quarter naked Kanakas, yellow with saffron and blue with tattooer's ink; the old women in the background of sultry lights and enormous shadows compounding endless balls of popoi for the feast; the local and desceptered chieftain squatting on his hams and guarding the vanished gallon between his knees; this was all as it should have been.
    4. Poetry admits of greater latitude than proſe, which with reſpect to coining, or, at leaſt, new-compounding words; yet, even here, this liberty ſhould be uſed with a ſparing hand.
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