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    1. We had just about completed the research facet of the project when the order came to cancel it.
    2. Terry lost his footing to allow Van Persie to race clear for Arsenal's fourth after 85 minutes before the Netherlands striker completed a second treble against Chelsea by hammering his third past Petr Cech deep into stoppage time.
    3. The sentence, “In a few years time we will have almost completed this dictionary,” is in the future perfect.
    4. The east side facade is of rubble, studded with small windows and mannered details, while the harled rear (south) wall forms, as completed, a towering, roughly symmetrical grouping.
    5. When moving into our present dwelling some 6 months ago..the puchase of a new bed was of primary importance.The puchase was completed by a right huckle who didn`t realise the importance of the "squeek" factor in the purchase of such an item.
    6. Shortly after Cueto completed a hat-trick in the space of 11 minutes, diving over in the left-hand corner once again after more clinical interplay between backs and forwards.
    7. The structure when completed is in the form of a sharp cone. At the summit is a small opening for window, chimney, &c., out of which the lodge poles project some distance, crossing each other at the point where the four shortest are tied together.
    8. Masterpieces are not completed, they are abandoned.
    9. Please pidge your completed application form to the society president.
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