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EN[kəʊm] [koʊm] [-əʊm] [kɒmb]

    Examples of comb in a Sentence

  • Examples of comb
    1. When all is o'er, out to the door they run, With new comb'd sleeky hair, and glist'ning cheeks, Each with some little project in his head.
    2. It is not to tease you, and hurt you, my sweet, But only for kindness and care, That I wash you and dress you, and make you look neat, And comb out your tanglesome hair.
    3. I need to comb my hair before we leave the house ‎
    4. 1973: Making a show of looking for his comb which is, as usual, lost, suspect is known as a notorious ctenophile — Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow
    5. He ran a comb through his mop and hurried out the door.
    6. A metal comb shed her golden hair.
    7. "See, I gots bad hair, the kind of hair you have to wet in the morning 'fore you can comb it," he explains.
    8. Straighten out your necktie and comb your hair.
    9. comb. form
  • Examples of combs
    1. The unhappy man (who had cheated the sailors), innocent of danger, is seated on a grating with his combs, spy-glasses, necklaces, ribbons, and all the rest of his "Brummagem" trumpery, spread out before him.
    2. I was introduced to the panorama of twisties, barrettes, hair and scalp conditioner (basically hair grease), brushes for every occasion and narrow- and wide-tooth combs.
    3. 1977: He prised a skep from its stool and held it out, inverted, showing the dirty wreck of combs, with the vile grubs spinning their cocoons. — Patrick O'Brian, The Mauritius Command
  • Examples of combed
    1. Police combed the field for evidence after the assault ‎
  • Examples of combing
    1. With gentle combing, untangle your hair.
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