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    1. An ebullient woman aswirl in colorful layers of bargain-basement clothes and zany hats, Barbara Siegel also happens to be chairwoman of the Drama Desk nominating committee.
    2. Iraq may be turning into a quagmire and civil war like Vietnam, but the current war has not inspired talk of generationwide rebellion (perhaps because there’s no draft to pit young against old) or any colorful, psychedelically defiant counterculture.
    3. Upon leaving the center, I photographed the colorful array of petunias decorating the square in purple, pink, yellow, white, and magenta.
    4. While the work of the contemporary artists in the show is avant-garde, it does not overwhelm the colorful faience made by the Faucon family, seven generations of ceramicists who operated a factory in Apt, a town in the Luberon Valley, from 1890 until 2002.
    5. Onlookers were impressed by the rich and colorful heraldry.
    6. Also being shed are some of those colorful and slightly absurd microindustries — de-cluttering consultants, aroma therapy for pets — that sprouted in recent years by catering to the well-heeled [ … ] .
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