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EN[ˈsɜːtn̩] [ˈsɝtn̩] [ˈsɝtən] [-ɜː(ɹ)tən]

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    1. Not surprisingly, many children and adults with this particular overexcitability attempt to avoid or minimize certain settings of overstimulation.
    2. The pilgrim had some home or dwelling place, the palmer had none. The pilgrim traveled to some certain, designed place or places, but the palmer to all. – T. Staveley.
    3. Some sound laws operate in pausa only. For example, certain phonemes may be pronounced differently at the beginning or end of a word when no other word precedes or follows within the same prosodic unit.
    4. But as the second half wore on, Sunderland piled forward at every opportunity and their relentless pressure looked certain to be rewarded in the closing stages.
    5. In decapods such as lobsters, pleopods are legs mainly used for swimming but sometimes used for brooding eggs or catching food. In some species certain pleopods of an animal may have been adapted to special functions such as reproduction.
    6. A steamer plies between certain ports.
    7. Though Mr. Lacotte makes certain nods to the early 19th-century ballet style of the first act of Giselle and August Bournonvilles ballets, he asks all his female dancers to do the sustained pointwork known to be late-19th-century in style.
    8. But the conversation produced no result. In a summit conference the nay-saver is in a position to prevent what his allies desire. An alliance among democratic nations is a Polish parliament in which the liberum veto functions (within certain limits).
    9. Porism: A proposition affirming the possibility of finding such conditions as will render a certain problem indeterminate or capable of innumerable solutions. - John Playfair
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