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EN[ˈsɜːtn̩] [ˈsɝtn̩] [ˈsɝtən] [-ɜː(ɹ)tən]

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  • Examples of certain
    1. Certain drugs can be conjugated to polymer molecules with a linkage that is labile at low pH to effect controlled release in a cellular endosome.
    2. the lobate tails of certain fishes ‎
    3. Certain anise-flavored drinks have developed a mystique based on the exotic appearance of louching.
    4. One faltering step means certain death. ‎
    5. Quantum physics suggests that certain states of subatomic particles are metrogenic: indeterminable until fixed by measurement.
    6. The morphodynamic approach relies on predictability along certain environmental gradients, such as tidal range, wave exposure and sediment type [ …]
    7. It would continue to allow certain traditional, nonmotorized uses, like hunting, fishing and rafting.
    8. He will promise on certain conditions.
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