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  • Examples of capable
    1. She has always been known as a capable wordsmith, but in this latest novel she also shows surprising emotional depth.
    2. Not that Briggs was capable of bringing it on. He got in, maybe, one really good shot: a right to Foreman's ample belly
    3. In the last 20 minutes Athletic began to generate the sort of pressure of which they are capable, but by then it was far too late: the game had begun to slip away from them as early as the seventh minute.
    4. Baseball remains a formidable item, yet scarcely capable of balancing the scale against the sports--football, cricket, racing, pelota, bull-fighting--which, in Europe, impassion the common people, and draw most of their champions from the common people.
    5. He is at most a confus'd and wild Christian, not specializ'd, by any forme, but capable of all.
  • Examples of more capable
    1. He is infinitely more capable than John. ‎
  • Examples of most capable
    1. There's a lot of egomania going around: it seems everyone believes they are the most capable and important person in the room.
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