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  • Examples of capable
    1. The final phase of Mexican League history was launched only after the sudden death of Jorge Pasquel in 1955; it consisted of steady-handed rebuilding of league fortunes under the capable direction of a new league management.
    2. Given the example of sponges, macropredators are capable to consume large amounts of sponge biomass in short time periods and are fast moving animals that do not spend much time at one prey individual.
    3. Although numerous studies have attempted to identify biomarkers capable of predicting pharmacotoxicity, few have attempted to discover robust biomarkers that are coherent across various species and experimental settings.
    4. The degree of structural variation of telomeric G4-structures is high, as they are capable of forming tetramolecular, bimolecular, or unimolecular structures.
  • Examples of more capable
    1. He is infinitely more capable than John. ‎
  • Examples of most capable
    1. There's a lot of egomania going around: it seems everyone believes they are the most capable and important person in the room.
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