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  • Examples of capable
    1. Capable of antecedaneous proof. — Barrow.
    2. A TOW missile is an antitank weapon capable of killing everyone in a tank from great distance.
    3. She is capable and efficient.
    4. He does not need help; he is capable of eating on his own.
    5. As everyone knew, he was capable of violence when roused.
    6. That fact is not capable of proof.
    7. [I]ts main character, Henry (Mr. [Ewan] McGregor), is a successful, intellectual dramatist who seems quite capable of churning out fizzy, challenging works about brilliant but ambivalent revolutionaries, philosophers, etc.
    8. Birds are capable of flight
    9. His harmonica work has the breezy lightness and sensuality one would expect from a musician who spent several years with Slim Harpo, but he's also capable of a full-bodied tone, bending notes with a guitarlike intensity [ … ] .
    10. He thinks himself ardent, impulsive, passionate, magnanimous — capable of boundless enthusiasm for an idea or a sentiment.
  • Examples of more capable
    1. He is infinitely more capable than John. ‎
  • Examples of most capable
    1. There's a lot of egomania going around: it seems everyone believes they are the most capable and important person in the room.
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