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EN[kɔlz] [kɔːlz] [kɑlz]

    Examples of calls in a Sentence

  • Examples of call
    1. They said they would call us in a week. ‎
    2. Do you think it was a ladyish, afternoon call, another-cup-of-tea-please apparition that visits your Professor Cranks and that journalist chap you are always talking about?
    3. A leaked memo from Downing Street reports that the Prime Minister is planning to call a general election next week.
    4. The left panel shows the profile of a portfolio consisting of longing a call and shorting a put.
    5. There is no sound of megadollar derivatives transactions being finessed by conference call. Mr. Duncker retired young — at 43 in 2001 — from Goldman Sachs & Company, which he joined straight out of Northwestern University in 1982.
    6. So it’s a perfect moment for Whitehead’s memoiristic fourth novel, “Sag Harbor,” a coming-of-age story about the Colsonesque 15-year-old Benji, who wishes people would just call him Ben.
    7. “We are becoming a midsized company that is leaner, more agile and better able to execute our strategy,” James M. Cornelius, the chief executive of Bristol-Myers, said Tuesday in a call with investment analysts.
    8. I told him all, / Both bad and good; / I bade him call — / He said he would: / I added much — the more I muckled, / The more that chuckling chummy chuckled!
    9. [ … ] marchers — if you could call them that — pranced in grass skirts, leopard-skin warrior costumes and the multihued wings of butterflies.
  • Examples of calls
    1. Getting catfished is when someone falls for a person online who is not necessarily real. It can involve pictures, phone calls, social media profiles, text messages, e-mails and even phony friends or family members.
    2. Chuck Todd, editor of the online political clearinghouse Hotline, calls the gossip phenomenon “pack gossip journalism,” a byproduct of the celebrification of politics and the attendant proliferation of media to cover it.
    3. When younger brother calls [his elder brother's wife] his "co-wife" and reciprocally, when she calls him "co-husband," rights in sexuality are being satirized.
    4. Bart is predictably devastated, but the plot thread wraps itself up all too neatly when Bart gets Laura to see through Jimbo’s bad-boy façade by framing Jimbo for one of his own habitual crank calls to Moe.
    5. She calls on the neighbours, she's out half the time and doesn't answer the telephone, and when I start cribbing she just laughs.
    6. Should I decide if and when you should cum, You will ejaculate into an ice cube tray to be frozen for your "cumsicle treats" for future calls.
  • Examples of called
    1. That creed, as it emerges from a study of the sacred oxen, is underdogism, which may be called egalitarianism or the yearning to level; [ …]
    2. Unisi are unicorns with pegasi wings, the result of crossbreeding between the two species. A single such creature is called a unisus.
    3. Nature called, so I stepped into the woods and watered a tree.
    4. Such was the pace with which I, and many like me, the so called ‘weekend warriors’ or Territorial Army, were hoisted aboard the Gulf War battle wagon.
    5. People believed that the werewolves, or werehyenas, which they called buda, were too strong in those places to permit safe habitation by human beings.
  • Examples of call'd
    1. When they cross any great Water, or violent Fresh, or Torrent, they throw Tobacco, Puccoon, Peak, or some other valuable thing, that they happen to have about there, to intreat the Spirit presiding there, to grant them a safe passage. It is call'd a Fresh, when after very great Rains, or (as we suppose) after a great Thaw of the Snow and Ice lying upon the Mountains Page 43 to the North West, the Water descends, in such abundance into the Rivers, that they overflow the Banks which bound their Streams at other times.
    2. France was at such a Pinch..that they call'd their Ban and Arriere Ban, the assembling whereof had been long discussed, and in a manner antiquated.
    3. Glow-worms, lanthorn-flys may be call'd a living phosphorous
  • Examples of calling
    1. The fashion press regarded her red carpet attire with derision, calling it orchidaceous and overly designed.
    2. An out-of-universe explanation for Dr. Watson's wife calling him "James" in one story is that Doyle forgot his given name had already been established as "John."
    3. A read-through cache presents a simple abstraction to the calling code, which no longer has to handle the case where the information is available but not cached.
    4. Calling your wife on company time is not a reimbursable expense.
    5. Calling him a clown was uncalled for.
    6. Can't we all sit down and discuss this adultly, without the childish name calling?
    7. While Stern chastised Vogel for on Thursday calling the Heat "the biggest flopping team in the NBA," he did intimate that he sees merit in the sentiment.
    8. He started calling more and more frequently.
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