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  • Examples of border
    1. The image is a perfect square of 8 cm (with white matte border the total dimensions are 14 cm tall by 11 cm wide).
    2. The border runs for 3000 miles.  The leash runs along a wire.   The grain of the wood runs to the right on this table.   It ran in quality from excellent to substandard. ‎
    3. Although tens of thousands of refugees now live in semipermanent camps along the Thai border with Myanmar, some of them are periodically forced back against their will.
    4. to set a precious stone in a border of metal
    5. These border rascals are apt to be restless in the dark hours, and their knives prick most consumedly sharp!
    6. Margaret passed quite through the pines, and reached the opening beyond which was what was once the yard, but was now, except for a strip of flower-border and turf which showed care, simply a tangle of bushes and briars.
    7. There's a nice frilly border around the picture frame. ‎
    8. a solid border around a table of figures ‎
    9. The diplomat accused the other nation's leader of brinkmanship for refusing to redeploy the troops along their nations' shared border.
    10. I was trying to bring supplies across the border to cook a trio of ceviche — marinated raw fish in lime — and duck carnitas with mole coloradito, for the festival’s gala dinner.
  • Examples of borders
    1. The latter bond of adherence was, however, the more slender; for, in the acts regulating the borders, we find repeated mention of "Clannes having captaines and chieftaines, whom on they depend, oft-times against the willes of their landeslordes."
    2. In Classical legend Cottys was the hundred-handed brother of the hundred-handed monsters Briareus and Gyes, allies of the God Zeus in his war against the Titans on the borders of Thrace and Thessaly.
  • Examples of bordered
    1. His tardy performance bordered on incompetence.
    2. Bordered by shops selling meat, fresh, smoked and pickled fish, this is a nosher's haven with many a schnell imbiss, or quick snack stand, for the hot liver pt, leberkse and morning weisswurst washed down with potent, lemon-sparked Munich weissbier.
    3. It was in the form of an equilateral triangle with the corners rounded and was made of blue cloisonné bordered in silver. — The Ruined Map translated by E. Dale Saunders in 1969 from the Japanese by Kobo Abé in 1967.
    4. The palate is characterized by a wide interpterygoid vacuity which is bordered by edentulous bones (Fig 4A ).
  • Examples of bordering
    1. France and Spain are bordering nations.
    2. Indeed, this reading is particularly inappropriate among these oralities and physicalities, bordering on cannibalism.
    3. A curious instance of perversion in religio-sexual feeling, bordering on zooerastia, is the case of St. Veronica.
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