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  • Examples of board
    1. Schools and colleges will have to take on board the views of young people and parents in their area.
    2. Turn out the dough onto a board and shape it. ‎
    3. Wipe a picture off the board.
    4. She points to a shooting board propped against the studio wall. It resembles a game of 52 card pickup which has been picked up in turn from the floor and pinned en masse to the board.
    5. ' [ …] And he explained this business of confidential commissions?' / 'Yes, he did. And it seemed to turn out quite respectable and above board.' Mrs Meatyard considered. 'Or almost above board.
    6. They conducted the negotiations completely above board.
    7. [ …] in favor of a straight across-the-board salary increase [ …]
    8. The numbers I got for that were all over the board.
    9. Support the veneer stack on a ¾-in.-thick board with a narrow V notch cut into one edge. This board is called a birds-mouth, and the V notch provides clearance for the blade while the work is supported for cutting.
  • Examples of boards
    1. Unfortunately for nanotechnology's reputation, the most exciting green nanoproducts are still on the drawing boards.
    2. When ridges occur along both longitudinal and transverse joints, outlining the insulation boards, the pattern formed is known as "picture framing"
    3. [...] it still remains difficult for university presidents and boards of control to distinguish between pseudoscholarship and real scholarship in the selection of professors (American Medical Association bulletin, 1910, p. 308)
    4. Reflowing solder is a common form of rework in the manufacture of printed circuit boards: you heat up the solder and it flows where it should have flowed the first time.
    5. [ … ] returning members had to meet no fewer than 11 new members, appointed by Borough President Scott Stringer in one of the largest reshufflings of a borough’s community boards in recent memory.
    6. The joint will hold tighter if you sink a wood screw through both boards.  The dog sank its teeth into the delivery man's leg. ‎
    7. But with exposed running boards and little skidplate protection under the body, serious off-roading can have expensive consequences.
    8. Now we plunged into a deep shade with the boughs lacing each other overhead, and crossed dainty, rustic bridges over the cold trout-streams, the boards giving back the clatter of our horses' feet: [ …] .
    9. The original floor was still there: wide boards, laid tongue-in-groove, not the inferior subfloor they had predicted.
    10. to tongue boards together
  • Examples of boarded
    1. Mr. Manning, who has been the church’s pastor for 27 years, said the intent of the boycott was to return Harlem to its pregentrification days of 1990, without the crack, crime and boarded-up buildings.
    2. When the inspectors boarded the train and I didn't have a ticket, I thought it was worth a try to pretend I didn't speak English.
    3. We bid our final adieus to our family, then boarded the ship, bound for America.
    4. The child's mother was tearful as he boarded the bus for his first day of primary school.
  • Examples of boarding
    1. I had to remain landside because I did not have a boarding card.
    2. Wu, with close-cropped hair and a lineless face, wore a cardigan and a necktie and looked like a truant from boarding school.
    3. As a frequent traveler, I often take two suitcases through security but drop them off planeside before boarding, to be stored with other checked bags while in flight.
    4. Teachers at the boarding-school had a quasiparental role.
    5. Just before boarding the vessel that he was attacking, Blackbeard would take slow-burning fuse matches and, with bright red ribbon, tie them in his hair and beard. When lit, these smoking matches gave him the appearance of the Devil.
    6. The headmaster was an even stricter censor of his boarding pupils' correspondence than the enemy censors had been of his own when the country was occupied.
    7. As the head of the boarding school, he serves as den mother for all the new students.
    8. In the first season of the British reality TV show “Rock Star” (which was broadcast in America on VH1), Gene Simmons of Kiss tried to turn a bunch of boarding-school preteenagers into a rock band.
    9. The airports are slow now because the pre-boarding screening is so inefficient.
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