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  • Examples of blood pressure
    1. My high blood pressure and high cholesterol are metrogenic illnesses.
    2. my blood pressure goes up and down
    3. the great majority of people who have serious conditions from high blood pressure suffer debilitating illness
    4. Again I begged her to keep an eye on her blood pressure and not get so worked up, and once more she brushed me off, this time with a curt request that I would go and boil my head.
    5. The pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb, for example, found that the venom of the jararaca snake could help control high blood pressure and used it to create the drug Captopril.
    6. This can result from dehydration , abnormal heart rhythms , overmedication with blood pressure drugs and disorders of the autonomic nervous system.
    7. [...] I came down like a sack of coals. The pulse was rapid, the blood pressure high, and for awhile the Blue Room pirouetted about me like an adagio dancer.
  • Examples of blood pressures
    1. The nurse spent all day taking blood pressures at the hospital.
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