Examples of behaviour in a Sentence

  • Examples of behaviour
    1. His behaviour today is off-the-wall.
    2. the orthokinetic behaviour of the woodlouse
    3. I can't possibly be a party to that kind of reckless behaviour. ‎
    4. scoundrelly behaviour
    5. His slighting of the company chairman was considered to be inappropriate behaviour.
    6. suicidelike behaviour
    7. His suspicious behaviour brought him to the attention of the police.
    8. Suckling is unlearnt behaviour in mammals.
    9. Yobbish behaviour can get you an ASBO.
  • Examples of behaviours
    1. The patient engaged in self-mutilative behaviours.
    2. Self-compatible plants that cannot autogamously self-pollinate highly rely on pollinators for reproduction, such nectar robbing behaviours may affect plant reproduction.
    3. These neurones project into the pituitary and into multiple extrahypothalamic regions in vertebrates, and are known to play pivotal roles in osmoregulation, stress response, reproduction, and mediation of social behaviours.
    4. This technique allowed us to quantify hemilesioned rat motor activity using a set of behaviours representative of normal movements, i.e. similar to those observed in intact rats and, enabled us to discriminate these from the typical contraversive turning response that is observed under L-Dopa treatment.
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