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  • Examples of behaviour
    1. But a member of the cabinet has been placed on the Downing Street naughty step after weeks of bad behaviour which has tested the prime minister's patience to its limits.
    2. The need to generate cable damping by transverse dampers which is independent of the actually vibrating mode, that is, the actual frequency of vibration, and is independent of the actual cable displacement amplitude triggered the development of controlled stay cable damping systems of which most are based on semiactively controlled magnetorheological (MR) dampers due to their suitable force range and fail-safe behaviour.
    3. We compare this definition with the two existing notions of multivariate subexponentiality, and compute the asymptotic behaviour of the ruin probability in the context of an insurance portfolio, when multivariate subexponentiality holds.
    4. I was called into the head's office to discuss my behaviour.
  • Examples of behaviours
    1. The patient engaged in self-mutilative behaviours.
    2. Self-compatible plants that cannot autogamously self-pollinate highly rely on pollinators for reproduction, such nectar robbing behaviours may affect plant reproduction.
    3. These neurones project into the pituitary and into multiple extrahypothalamic regions in vertebrates, and are known to play pivotal roles in osmoregulation, stress response, reproduction, and mediation of social behaviours.
    4. This technique allowed us to quantify hemilesioned rat motor activity using a set of behaviours representative of normal movements, i.e. similar to those observed in intact rats and, enabled us to discriminate these from the typical contraversive turning response that is observed under L-Dopa treatment.
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