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  • Examples of awareness
    1. Since respondents were asked specifically if they saw any of the company's ads in the aided awareness question, that score is higher than the one for unaided awareness.
    2. I gradually passed from sleep to full awareness.
    3. The awareness of one type of idea naturally fosters an awareness of another idea
    4. A person filled with gumption doesn't sit around dissipating and stewing about things. He's at the front of the train of his own awareness, watching to see what's up the track and meeting it when it comes. That's gumption.
    5. Some of the other procedures used in certain of the large group awareness training (LGAT) programs and their offshoots contain processes to humiliate people (they resemble fraternity hazing events).
    6. Self-awareness is acknowledging the existence of one's self and one's being.
    7. Companies that are well known advertise heavily and have attention-getting ads that tend to receive the highest top of mind awareness scores in ad tracking studies.
    8. Since the company was new and had only started advertising two weeks before the research began, it was not surprising to see low unaided awareness of the brand.
    9. Party members are adjured to promote awareness of this problem.
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