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    1. People requiring assistance or extra time will be preboarded.
    2. . . . and no sooner had they septembrized France, than they would cross over, and, with the assistance of the travelling Orator, and the Spenceans, septembrize us in the same way.
    3. GET TALKED DOWN: When a pilot gets caught in weather, he may call the nearest tower for Ground Controlled Approach landing assistance, wherever the airport has GCA radar.
    4. Yesterday I completed, with Emily's assistance (which nearly drove me mad) that packing of the great huge chest of books, boxes, etc., and she and I walked together, but it was bitter cold and ungenial, regular beasterly wind.
    5. We do not owe greater help tender-mindedly out of pity for the weak, but tough-mindedly out of our interest in possible enlightenment by those receiving assistance.
    6. After 1-week postinsertion, the patient was able to close the mandible in functional maxillomandibular occlusion position without manual assistance.
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