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  • Examples of assign
    1. to assign counsel for a prisoner ‎
    2. We assign 100 to x. ‎
    3. The definition of a continuous function assumes that the function is already defined for x = a. If this is not the case, however, it is sometimes possible to assign such a value to the function for x = a that the condition of continuity shall be satisfied.
    4. Perhaps I should make myself scarce before he finds any more miserable tasks to assign to me.
    5. All these the daughters of old Nereus were, / Which have the sea in charge to them assign'd, / To rule his tides, and surges to uprear, / To bring forth storms, or fast them to upbind, / And sailors save from wrecks of wrathful wind.
    6. Or, to put it bluntly: users could assign a star rating and feedback to anyone they knew, positive or negative, and the ratee could do very little about it.
  • Examples of assigns
    1. He assigns supremacy to the pope in spirituals, and to the emperor in temporals. — Lowell.
  • Examples of assigned
    1. This flavour of soup has been assigned the code WRT-9. ‎
    2. Three cohorts of men were assigned to the region.
    3. Evaluatees are judged based on the assigned criteria.
    4. Andy evaluated fanzines against criteria in seven categories: layout, art, congeniality, genre, writing, temporality, and faanishness, and assigned 10 points to each category.
    5. All fungi for which sexual reproduction is unknown are assigned to the form class Deuteromycota until such reproduction is discovered in that species.
    6. All fossilized roots of scale trees are assigned to the form genus 'Stigmaria'.
    7. All fossilized roots of scale trees are assigned to the form taxon 'Stigmaria'.
    8. Each pair of home teachers should become [personally] acquainted with every child, youth and adult in the family to whom they are assigned.
    9. Although no judge will be assigned until the case is filed, court officials are creating plans for a separate computer server devoted to G.M.’s filing, which will be an even bigger megacase than Chrysler, which received that designation in April.
    10. Ness was assigned to track down moonshiners, then accepted the position of public safety director in Cleveland — not the stuff of a two-fisted series about G-men taking on the Mafia and various crazed outlaws of the period.
  • Examples of assigning
    1. Boolean logic can be shown to be "embedded" in integer arithmetic (modulo 2) by assigning polynomials to logical connectives, like so:
    2. A Kleene-type ternary logic can be shown to exist "embedded" in integer arithmetic modulo 3 by assigning polynomials to the logical connectives, like so:
    3. But the other three problems had all grown out of assigning jobs to people he had no handle on.

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