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    1. For a while on “Breakthrough,” as with Ms. Caillat’s debut album, “Coco,” it appears as if she’s content to remain polite, an unfussy swooner.
    2. It's almost as if my parents knew the age of unkemptitude was en route, and wanted to see as much of my skull as possible before it disappeared [ …]
    3. At the end of her book we feel we know these couples as intimately as if we were part of their circle, but the ultimate nature of each relationship is left inviolate in its unknowability.
    4. A right heavenly nature, indeed, as if were unnaturing them, doth so bridle them [the elements]. — Sir P. Sidney.
    5. The walled garden full of shadows blazed with colour as if the flowers were giving up the light absorbed during the day.
    6. ‘Here you are, sir,’ shouted a strange specimen of the human race, in a sackcloth coat, and apron of the same, who, with a brass label and number round his neck, looked as if he were catalogued in some collection of rarities. This was the waterman.
    7. But a video, taken from above, projects these writhings as if she were flying at top speed in a tunnel above traffic that’s whooshing past in the opposite direction.
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