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  • Examples of arrange
    1. It was a commission from a man who did not own thoroughbreds, so Stubbs was able to arrange a group of idealized horses in a friezelike composition.
    2. OK, let's arrange a meet with Tyler and ask him.
    3. What if we arrange it for 9:00 instead of 10:00?
    4. Hess, always a muddled man though not so doltish as Rosenberg, flew on his own to Britain under the delusion that he could arrange a peace settlement.
    5. to arrange to meet;   to arrange for supper ‎
    6. Clinton and I became peripherally involved with a pair of Leckford Road girls who, principally sapphic in their interests, would arrange for sessions of group frolic. Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22
    7. Blood is one of the easiest things to arrange on a filmset.
  • Examples of arranges
    1. Instead she arranges, offhand, a nice little farewell dinner for her husband that was and the lady, Flora, who is to be her successor three months hence. [ …] Flora is generously constrained to leave the sometime-husband and wife to talk the matter over. "Are we not wives-in-law?" says Madame. And the upshot is that although Flora interrupts them by phone from her flat below several times until the receiver is left off, Madame easily wins back her husband. Indeed, so complete is their absorption that they have forgotten completely the trifling circumstance that they are no longer man and wife.
    2. And if anyone in the Malay community has a sprain, a fractured or dislocated limb, or is plain tired, he or she immediately arranges for an urut.
  • Examples of arranged
    1. The MCM2–7 proteins can be arranged in a hexaheteromeric complex working as a eukaryotic DNA helicase.
    2. The obtained molds present hexagonally arranged 50 nm diameter pores, with a 100 nm interpore distance and a length of 100 nm.
    3. The costumes should be a key device to charting the passage of time and trends in this show, but Julie Jackson's designs are a confusing clutter of styles, tackily manufactured, and jumbledly arranged.
    4. Microscopic appearances consist of round to spindled cells with tapering cytoplasm arranged in storiform patterns in a collagenous matrix.
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