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    1. “We’ll take the learnings and apply them to the rest of our business.”
    2. A skilfull archer ought first to know the marke he aimeth at, and then apply his hand, his bow, his string, his arrow and his motion accordingly.
    3. To cope with these mental gymnastics we apply various ways of simplifying and reducing the information.
    4. In the marketing of Hala, which means “Welcome” in Arabic, nonbillionaires need not apply.
    5. A bastard is considered nullius filius as far as regards his right inherit. But the rule of nullius filius does not apply in other respects
    6. Is it not as misleading to apply a simple numbers game to the Civil Service as it is to the police?
    7. Since the very same reasons supporting the paradoxicality of Z apply equally to C, it is clear that both Z and C are paradoxical; hence, the Chrysippus intuition is false.
  • Examples of applies
    1. The generalized formula applies to all cases, the specialized one only works on simple problems.
    2. To some degree this business about titles supplanting last names also applies to nonroyal peers, such as your run-of-the-mill dukes.
    3. This is a panlinguistic phenomenon that applies to Chinese no less than to any other developed writing systems.
    4. Instead, they will hear Philip Morris’s appeal only on the second question, which applies to this convoluted case, now in its ninth postverdict year, and to no other.
    5. A radio transmitter applies modulation to a carrier wave and the receiver applies demodulation to it to recover the message.
    6. Messengers are big fixie aficionados, but more and more fixed-gear bikes are being ridden by nonmessengers, most conspicuously the kind of younger people to whom the term “hipster” applies and who emanate from certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn.
    7. When an italicized label or guide phrase follows a boldface numeral, the label or phrase applies only to that specific numbered sense and its subsenses.
    8. This criticism applies also to bosing in which the ground is thumped with a heavy rammer; over filled-in pits, tombs, [ …] Bosing is successful where the top-soil is thin and firm, with an unstratified rock such as chalk beneath.
  • Examples of applied
    1. Since the effectiveness of dispersants is time-critical, the sooner that concurrence can be obtained and the dispersant applied, the more effective such
    2. Applied to birding, the gis approach involves a deemphasis of separate field marks in favor of the gestalt, the essence that tells us a dog is a dog [ … ]
    3. After the first coat of paint dried, he applied another layer.
    4. The authors argue that Ricardo, unlike Marx, was no ‘metallist’, that is, he never applied the labour theory of value to the monetary metal to determine the general price level. --Economic Journal (1991) 101, p. 407
  • Examples of applying
    1. Dr. Kays is applying the tracking system to explore the dynamic ménage à trois among the island’s population of ocelots; the ruddy, snouty rodents called agoutis; and the island’s towering and thickly buttressed Dipteryx trees.
    2. When applying for a position here, attach your resumé and cover letter to the application form before submitting it.
    3. A few feet away, her friend and castmate Tara Ross, also 18, was applying makeup; outside their door, a couple of boys were sacked out on a couch, studying notes in binders.
    4. It looked like this muscular fireman was hurting my grandmother applying a chest rub as he attended to her fainting but later we understood he was just trying to get her to come to.
    5. Circle the jobs that you are interested in applying for.
    6. Applying the star-triangle and dedecoration transformations [ …]
    7. Instead, Mr. Farmer, a professor at the interdisciplinary Sante Fe Institute, is doing research on models of markets, institutions and their complex interactions, applying a hybrid discipline called econophysics.
    8. Tristram Hunt misses a key point when he suggests governments and charities are better suited to tackling social issues than the growing breed of "philanthrocapitalist" - who are applying business and market thinking to social issues.
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