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  • Examples of amount
    1. His miscomputation of the amount of tax he owed increased his tax bill.
    2. The drug is known as "seven-monther" – the amount of time it takes to kill.
    3. Relying on Qur'an, Sura II, verse 236, Nasir (1990a, p. 144; 1990b, pp. 96-98) shows that the amount of mutat is a matter of goodwill and of custom.
    4. “As a result,” the letter stated, “you received an overissuance of food stamps in the amount of $0.”
    5. They will donate all proceeds—the entire amount collected in ticket sales—from the show to charity.
    6. election returns; a return of the amount of goods produced or sold
    7. Such a change could amount to a seismic shift in the nation’s electoral dynamics, potentially springboarding a Republican into the White House, and the possibility has animated hopeful Republicans and fearful Democrats.
    8. I've structured the deal to limit the amount of money we can lose.
  • Examples of amounts
    1. Analysts are skeptical about the way China's stocks are valued, particularly those like PetroChina with huge amounts of untradable government shares.
    2. The dogs need different amounts of food. ‎
    3. It amounts to three dollars and change.
    4. Some of the products contained small amounts of bimatoprost, an ingredient in the anti-glaucoma drug Lumigan, which is manufactured by Allergan.
    5. Although Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic, they are characterized by periods of remission that last for varying amounts of time, interrupted by flare-ups, when symptoms of the disease become more evident.
    6. Mild carbonation, grassy, mineral flavors, tangy fruitness and occasional spicy and nutlike flavors —— in restrained amounts, mind you —— are all part of the bitters identity.
    7. Folk remedies for upset stomach, including azarcon and greta among Hispanics, ba-baw-san among Chinese or ghasard among Indians, may contain large amounts of lead.
    8. Many foods that seem exotic for New England are turning up in small amounts at more and more farms: kohlrabi, hakurei turnips, okra, edamame, Jerusalem artichokes, ground cherries and quince.
  • Examples of amounted
    1. The catch amounted to five tons of swordfish.
    2. The suspects' hostile interrogation amounted to a public crucifixion.
    3. At that time, before sublineation had become significant for the local group, banishment would have amounted to dismissing a troublesome individual and his wife and children, rather than an entire sublineage consisting of several families ...
    4. the relatives who had been helping slipped away as I grew older, attriting for various reasons that all amounted to the same reason.
    5. 1776: Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations — The capital which had been subscribed to this bank, at two different subscriptions, amounted to one hundred and sixty thousand pounds, of which eighty per cent only was paid up.
    6. Even worse than the sand, though, was the grassy bank that comes down between the bunkers, where the rough was so thick it amounted to bogeyland.
  • Examples of amounting
    1. [Aunt Dahlia] had done Wilbert well where sleeping accommodation was concerned. What he had drawn when clocking in at Brinkley Court was the room known as the Blue Room, a signal honour to be accorded to a bachelor guest, amounting to being given star billing, for at Brinkley, as at most country-houses, any old nook or cranny is considered good enough for the celibate contingent. My own apartment, to take a case in point, was a sort of hermit's cell in which one would have been hard put to it to swing a cat, even a smaller one than Augustus, not of course that one often wants to do much cat-swinging.

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