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    1. While a randomized Phase II study testing the addition of the IGF1R mab ganitumab to chemotherapy in EWS is ongoing (NCT02306161), CAR T cells targeting IGF1R may be an alternative treatment for high risk patients with EWS and other sarcomas.
    2. Tithonus is not simply an alternative to Ulysses, liberal-mindedly putting the other side of the question; it is yet another version of a complex of anxieties, in which the patient working of existence now becomes the unattainable object of desire.
    3. Finally, an alternative decomposition of the short-range ensemble exchange-correlation energy is proposed in order to correct for ghost-interaction errors in multideterminant range-separated ensemble density-functional theory calculations.
    4. Indeed, 29% of protein-coding genes have been shown to exhibit significant sex-biased expression in Drosophila, and up to 20% of Drosophila multitranscript genes display sex-biased expression of alternative transcripts.
    5. Various classes of noncoding RNAs target each other for posttranscriptional regulation via alternative splicing, polyadenylation, 5′ capping, nontemplated modifications, and RNA editing.
    6. She accepted an unpaid position at Poke, a digital advertising agency on the Lower East Side, viewing her payless toiling as an investment in her career, an inexpensive alternative to graduate school.
    7. This provides an alternative mechanism for the documented large-scale river captures in the east-Tibetan drainage [69 ], previously suggested to be a record of a late uplift event [26 ] perhaps related to subcrustal processes and dated as Miocene or later.
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    1. An evidentialist variant would require the agent be responsive to a telling evidential basis for thinking that p obtains in contrast to the alternatives.
    2. With business-class seats on nonstops from British Airways and Cathay Pacific often priced up to $8,000 round trip, Mr. Exton typically flew cheaper alternatives that saved money but required layovers and plane switches.
    3. My own use of this fundamental principle will be relatively modest: I am not attempting to argue for physicalism over dispositionalism or other alternatives, but only to show that if one is to be a color physicalist, one should tie colors to events.
    4. You can also use a metasearch site like Kayak.com to get a snapshot of available flight alternatives.
    5. Even though some participants think adobe houses are more beautiful and safe than bahareque constructions, others have chosen bricks and cement as alternatives to reinforce or extend their basic constructions.
    6. Some alternatives, notably constraint-preconditioned or projected Krylov methods, are relatively efficient, but they can suffer from numerical instability and even nonconvergence.
    7. Therapeutic agents that concurrently inhibit epidermal growth factor receptor and other angiokinases could be useful alternatives to combination therapies for epidermal growth factor receptor-dependent cancers.
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