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    1. Note: It is allowed to use Brassicaceae as an alternative and equivalent name for this family.
    2. By breaking free of it, historians could shed the dualisms that now entrap them, and escape the declensionism - the longing for the lost alternative
    3. Describe the world as rays of the world beyond every serial-eternitarian or ideal alternative- posit the existential eternity- the eternal body.
    4. Alternative figurings may be available for interpreting the everyday, and alternative ways of figuring systems of privilege may be developed in contestations over social arrangements.
    5. Fantasy fiction has been categorized and described in different ways. One classification divides fantasy into two major types:¶ low fantasy, which takes place in the primary world (our world);¶ high fantasy, which takes place in alternative worlds.
    6. The alternative for live weight pricing is dressed weight or carcass weight pricing.
    7. Originally, whole-body imaging was proposed as an alternative for the relatively few passengers chosen for secondary screening, allowing them to opt for a machine lookover rather than a physical pat-down.
    8. Scientists are learning how to manufacture sperm and egg cells from other types of cell; others are developing "alternative" wombs
    9. Granting monopolies in concession constitutes a market-conform alternative to taxation for the state, while the crown sometimes bestowed a monopoly as an outrageous gift. ‎
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    1. An evidentialist variant would require the agent be responsive to a telling evidential basis for thinking that p obtains in contrast to the alternatives.
    2. With business-class seats on nonstops from British Airways and Cathay Pacific often priced up to $8,000 round trip, Mr. Exton typically flew cheaper alternatives that saved money but required layovers and plane switches.
    3. My own use of this fundamental principle will be relatively modest: I am not attempting to argue for physicalism over dispositionalism or other alternatives, but only to show that if one is to be a color physicalist, one should tie colors to events.
    4. You can also use a metasearch site like Kayak.com to get a snapshot of available flight alternatives.
    5. Even though some participants think adobe houses are more beautiful and safe than bahareque constructions, others have chosen bricks and cement as alternatives to reinforce or extend their basic constructions.
    6. Some alternatives, notably constraint-preconditioned or projected Krylov methods, are relatively efficient, but they can suffer from numerical instability and even nonconvergence.
    7. Therapeutic agents that concurrently inhibit epidermal growth factor receptor and other angiokinases could be useful alternatives to combination therapies for epidermal growth factor receptor-dependent cancers.
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