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EN[əˈlaʊd] [-aʊd]

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  • Examples of allow
    1. While the moderates usually propose political compromise, it's often only achieved when the extremists allow them so
    2. “The whole purpose of Cites is to allow trade only if there is a nondetrimental finding,” Ms. Roberson added, “and this screams to me it’s detrimental to the fish.”
    3. It would continue to allow certain traditional, nonmotorized uses, like hunting, fishing and rafting.
    4. The DS-3 standard uses bit stuffing to allow the clocks of its tributaries to be plesiochronous.
    5. Even that will require wary monitoring, particularly of a provision that would allow members preapproved day trips for speeches, with travel paid by non-lobbying groups.
    6. The sight-seeing bus is topless to allow tourists a better view of the sights.
  • Examples of allows
    1. This form of state-led capitalism allows Tehran to direct its investments more easily in its desired sphere of influence, he said, much like President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela’s neosocialist agenda across Latin America.
    2. The baby dress, balloon, the trapeze and the tent all have one thing in common: a looseness that allows for the circulation of air between cloth and body, nonconstricting comfort for hot, humid summer days.
    3. And the informality of this City Lit production allows the cast to navigate some complex themes--including death and renewal--in a refreshingly nondidactic way.
    4. Radiocarbon analysis allows fossil and nonfossil sources of black carbon and organic carbon to be identified.
    5. The prime advantage of nonnarrative cinema is that it allows one to think, in contradistinction to the conveyor-belt strategies of story telling [ … ] .
    6. But plumping it up allows the two cords to meet and gives the nonparalyzed one a better surface to vibrate against.
    7. This computer program allows users to manage any type of omic data files, including instrumental raw data, image data, gene expression data, proteomic data, genotyping data, flow cytometry data, and so on.
    8. The malison of her muliebrity allows niddering males opportunity for oppugnant vilipend.
    9. Inheritance law allows property to be left to the unborn.
  • Examples of allowed
    1. Abid Ali Majeed, 75, a shopowner, complained that the killers should never have been allowed so close to a populated area.
    2. Only the solidarity provided by her siblings allowed Margaret to cope with her mother's harrowing death.
    3. Then Dr. Day allowed herself to become distracted by a tree on the other side of 83rd Street, a sophora tree.
    4. His tactfulness allowed him to be honest without making enemies.
    5. The teacher accepted her tardy slip and allowed her to come into the classroom after the bell.
    6. the term allowed to a debtor to discharge his debt ‎
    7. The new type of mechanical thinner allowed thinning of peach blossoms to be completed earlier.
  • Examples of allowing
    1. The subway map was quite informational, allowing us to determine the most efficient route to our destination.
    2. In this case, the HABC results infer long-term persistence of populations in isolated refugia for all three species, even when allowing for postisolation migration.
    3. Ordinarily an order allowing a claim is not reviewable on petition.
    4. “My mom likes to soak,” Quintana agreed, before allowing that for a more stewlike dish, a meatier article, the canned red kidney beans would more than suffice — and save loads of time besides.
    5. The managed old-growth alternative would actively recruit an acceptable number of large snags over time by allowing superdominant leave trees to mature and convert to large snags.
    6. The technology will be uncopyrighted open-source material, Dr. Frieden said, allowing as many companies as possible to use the system as a model.
    7. With the design allowing the engine to be placed so far forward the holds are more midships and this gives a better trim.
    8. Steve Gohouri was guilty of losing possession deep inside his own half, allowing Davies to find Ngog for Bolton's second, before Antolin Alcaraz was dispossessed in the build-up to their third.
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