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EN[əˈɡɛnst] [əˈɡeɪnst]

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    1. "Pulitzer's request"--Marshall would eventually write--"is both novel and complex, pitting the public's right to know [ … ] against the traditional confidentiality of presentence investigation materials."
    2. proof against harm
    3. I'm pretty sure I'm flunking math because my teacher is racist against Latinos.
    4. He collapsed, red-faced from the effort, against the door jamb.
    5. We had a resounding win against the rival team.
    6. The hostile forces were at an impasse; neither could attack with enough force and still defend against the retaliatory counterattack.
    7. The Romani have long been discriminated against.
    8. I have decided to run for governor of California.  We're trying to find somebody to run against him next year. ‎
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