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    1. Many economic models have superneutral money, with neither inflation nor change in inflation affecting non-monetary variables.
    2. All the four zero-days originally were reported to Microsoft, affecting Internet Explorer on the desktop.
    3. "What we're finding," says Marshall, "is that if we lean only on candida and don't treat other molds affecting the system, we fail.
    4. The most important mortality affecting the larval population was most probably caused by the repeated desiccations of the marsh in the summer.
    5. Even though the concept is new to public scrutiny, pundits recognize that the web celeb archetype is profoundly affecting conventional media.
    6. I was looking more for episodes like this, which deal with the repurcussions[sic] of a major war affecting every major civilisation known to the Trekiverse.
    7. These results implicate an evolutionarily conserved pathway integrating metabolic information with bioamine signaling affecting feeding behavior.
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