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    1. Despite advancing age, his mind was still as sharp as ever. ‎
    2. Various neopagan movements have arisen, each advancing its own form of paganism. Some are monotheist.
    3. Della Collins Cook, a paleopathologist at Indiana University who did not participate in the study but specializes in treponemal diseases, praised the research as a “very, very interesting step” advancing understanding of syphilis.
    4. Ward showed good pace to beat the advancing Reina to the ball and poke a low finish into the corner.
    5. The British, having cleared the open field, now faced the problem of advancing through the trees into the sniper fire of several hundred Virginia militia.
    6. The same secludedness and isolation to which the schoolmaster whale betakes himself in his advancing years, is true of all aged Sperm Whales.
    7. Transcription was one of four tasks proposed in the MGB challenge, with the aim of advancing the state of the art of automatic speech recognition, speaker diarisation and automatic alignment of subtitles for broadcast media.
    8. Such a progressive shift to prefrontally mediated executive processes may account for the increasing link between processing speed and myelin in anterior regions with advancing age.
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