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    1. His omnipotence That to corporeal substance could add Speed almost spiritual. - Milton
    2. That screen is good, but add a couple of dropdowns and it will be perfect.
    3. Now now Benny Wenny, don’t cry about it, learning how to add fractions is easy peasy!
    4. To these fourhanded animals of the ancient continent, we may add the fourhanded animals of the new, that use their hands like the former, as well as their tails, and that fill up the chasm between the monkey tribe and the lower orders of the forest.
    5. Add in a sexy man with evil on his brain, and Lily's new life is full to the brim with complications.
    6. Add in a sexy man with evil on his brain, and Lily's new life is full to the brim with complications.
    7. And when it was quickly returned to Jarvis, with United failing to mark properly, his clean cross was met with a full-blooded header by former Colchester defender Elokobi, who had to stretch his neck back to add power.
    8. Add a few gratings of nutmeg to the hot milk.
  • Examples of adds
    1. “Electric Kulintang,” her percussive collaboration with Mr. Rodriguez, adds a contemporary sheen to the chiming kulintang music of the Philippines.
    2. Alvina Carroll, a streetballer, adds: “It’s not a girl thing.
    3. "The idiot apparently adds spaces to people's names to prevent kibozing. It doesn't help when you're replying to me in a newsgroup I read; I'll find that article just fine. Besides, I don't kiboze." [2]
    4. They are under the guidance of a Chaoosh, or Superintendant, a most consequential personage, and generally a Seid, with a mixture of Turkish and Persian in him which no doubt adds both to his servility and insolence.
    5. This series of in vivo studies using neuroimaging techniques adds to the growing literature on the serotonergic neurotoxicity of MDMA and clarifies the pharmacopathogenic role of this serotonergic neurotoxicity in living brains.
    6. However, among the Bidayuh indigenous population of Sarawak (East Malaysia), NPC incidence rates are the highest when compared to other cancers and this is an example of a regional hotspot that adds to the skewedness of this disease.
    7. Even better is Thymiopoulos’ “young vines” xynomavro, which adds a bit of dried herb, spice and grit to the succulent mix.
  • Examples of added
    1. Seven (58%) and nine (75%) achieved seizure freedom 24 h and 72 h after LEV was added, both clinically and electrographically.
    2. "Course, I could be mistaken," he added fairmindedly.
    3. Current trials (Table  2 ) use a full course of dihydroartemisinin/piperaquine (DHA-P) and a single low dose of primaquine is added to the drug combination to abort gametocytaemia as quickly as possible [ 36 , 48 ].
    4. Bacteria were grown in microaerophilia as previously described [ 16 ] in static conditions to an OD 600  = 0.2 prior to being added to macrophages at a MOI of 100:1.
    5. The mouse Obif or Obif mutations cDNA that were added to the FLAG tag at the C-terminus were inserted into the multicloning site of pBMN-I-GFP (Nolan-GFP).
    6. Mr. Berlinger added that there is a risk in documentaries that are overcomposed.
    7. Because we have a mix of RVs and CVs, we have added SKAT-C which upweights CVs as compared to SKAT [25 ].
  • Examples of adding
    1. She has continually refined the show since, adding slides, reediting them, and changing the sound track.
    2. The normalized fluorescence change (ΔF/ΔF max ) was determined by dividing the observed fluorescence change (ΔF) by that induced by adding 1% β-OG to the extravesicular medium (ΔF max ).
    3. We also modified Character 25 from a binary to a multistate character by adding the primitive condition of lacking a distinct postorbital horncore.
    4. But gros manseng’s sibling, petit manseng, is the real star, adding still more depth and intensity of tropical fruit to a wine such as Château de Cabidos Petit Manseng Sec Cuvée Comte Philippe 2009 (£15.95, South Downs Cellars ).
    5. Vineyard owners, many of them in midharvest when the fire struck, have begun adding up the effects of heat and smoke, which can damage grape quality even if vines survive.
    6. Change in acceptance of feedback by adding information based on qualitative analysis p =0.956: comparison of study group and nonstudy group within after routine feedback.
    7. BEI was neutralized by adding sodiumthiosulphate to the mixture, and the pH was adjusted to be within the range of 7.4–7.65 as described above.
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