EN[ˈæb.strækt] [æbˈstrækt]

    Examples of abstract in a Sentence

  • Examples of abstract
    1. The play's mysterious quality is superbly complemented by Jeff Bauer's set--a rundown kitchen surrounded by an abstract, scaffoldlike frame that evokes a prison or a cage--and Michael Rourke's eerie lighting.
  • Examples of abstracted
    1. He was wholly abstracted by other objects.
    2. He abstracted out the square root function.
    3. to snudge along: to walk looking down, with an abstracted appearance.
    4. State collection and dissemination have been abstracted away from the application by the common-map abstraction.
    5. Tag files provide a very simple way for content and functionality to be abstracted away from JSP pages and into reusable components.
    6. These details are unnecessary and should be abstracted away.
    7. The local physical Chit Chat Club occupants perceive more of the social catalysts and the physicality, although they only see an abstracted representation of the remote cafe-goer.
    8. Sleep scheduling is a standard approach for balancing energy consumption, which has been abstracted as the domatic partition problem.
  • Examples of abstracting
    1. He's been abstracting from us for years!
  • Examples of more abstract
    1. A corollary to the ephemeralizing-toward-pure-energy progression that is taking place throughout all science, and, ensuingly, throughout industry—which simply translates science into bread and butter for people—is that the more abstract the means of accomplishment the more specific the results[.]
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