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    1. I kissed her, a little more than dutifully, as a man will kiss his everloving after a couple of nights of absence. - Author unknown, 1938
    2. I knew you liked fapping, but 300 gigabytes of porn is a little too much.
    3. Such a little figent thing. — Beaumont and Fletcher.
    4. I went to her, sat close beside her and tried snuggling up a little. It worked. . . . "I can get them," I said just as flannel-mouthed as ever I could, like all of us talked to her now.
    5. With a little forethought we'd have planned for this contingency and not been stuck here now.
    6. I own three or four low, fretworked Chinese tables of various heights that I found at flea markets; the top of each is about the size of a standard box of tissues or a little serving tray.
    7. It only takes a little tweaking for the Simpsons’ home to become a full-on freak show, with Homer as its perpetually apoplectic main attraction.
    8. Lady Feng was at the moment having a little goodhumoured raillery with Yüan Yang, and was taken so much off her guard, that she was quite startled out of her senses.
    9. Conjugating hamzated verbs is a little harder than conjugating sound verbs, but much easier than weak ones.
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