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EN[ˈɒstriən] [ˈɔːstriən]

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    1. The fourth set between Gabashvili and Melzer is still on serve, the Russian leading 4-3, but the Austrian holding a two sets to one lead.
    2. Not only that, H K Gruber, the Austrian composer, conductor and self-described chansonnier who was to perform the vocal solo of his own work, “Frankenstein!!,” the major work on the program, never made it.
    3. The pioneering Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg was the leading dodecaphonist.
    4. During the Baroque era, Europe was repeatedly plagued by dynastic wars, such as the Spanish and Austrian wars of succession.
    5. ... or the Freelanders who dwelt within the imagination of a dry little Austrian economist, have had more influence upon the, lives of our contemporaries
    6. All cats want to rule the world, that's part of the nature of the species, but to be a genuine Kitler there has to be some other similarity when compared to that ever popular German/Austrian dictator. [1]
    7. Most of the officers were dressed in [ … ] a bluish-grey frock-coat of a colour similar to Austrian yagers.
    8. Italophile, Italo-Austrian.
    9. Michael Pelletier at Fountainhead also recommends a 2007 moscofilero, which he called “the new grüner veltliner” (like rosé, Austrian grüner veltliner has surged in popularity).
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    1. The U.S. ski team beat the stuffing out of the Austrians in Alpine, but Norway took the gold home in Nordic.
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