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EN[ˈærəbɪk] [ˈɛrəbɪk]

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    1. The store has its own music label — compilations of fashiony dance bands, French-Arabic tunes and other obscurities.
    2. Commonly spoken community languages in Australia include Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, Italian, indigenous languages, and so on.
    3. In the marketing of Hala, which means “Welcome” in Arabic, nonbillionaires need not apply.
    4. Arabic reads right to left. ‎
    5. to smatter Arabic
    6. The Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci , who was called Fibonacci, was considered to be the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages who introduced the Hindu-Arabic numeral system to Europe.
    7. Anzac burial parties greeted the enemy with odds and ends of Arabic phrases, and with Australianese that must have been incomprehensible to them.
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