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    1. simple past tense and past participle of wrong.
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      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • That Goliath is so big and strong, the little man will never stand a chance against him if he on his wrong side.
        • The policeman was concerned that the handgun he lost would fall into the wrong hands.
        • A proper fisking leaves the reader with a clear understanding that the text so fisked was appallingly wrong in every important respect!
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • The thinker Amitai Etzioni comes up with a useful concept in the current edition of Prospect magazine when he talks of "moral megalogues" – mass dialogues over right and wrong.
        • Grr, why do I always open my big mouth after doing something wrong.
        • It isn't that they are claiming they are right, they are claiming you are wrong.
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        Grammatically, this word "wronged" is a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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