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  • NounBFworkerSUF-ers
    1. plural of worker.
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        • Across the West, crops rotted for the second summer in a row this year because of a weekslong shutdown of visa processing for seasonal farm workers caused by State Department computer problems.
        • The ringer tolled the workers back from the fields for vespers. ‎
        • The impact on workers is fairly obvious but I believe that managerial jobs have also been deskilled by the adoption of controlling systems and procedures.
      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
        • Workers attempt to avoid the queen, but if antennated try to escape or exhibit a submissive crouching posture, while the queen starts to bite and pull their legs and antennae.
        • Worker bees were collected from hives located in a polluted postmining area in South West Sardinia (Italy) that is also exposed to dust emissions from industrial plants.
      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • The CEO's benefits are unlikely to trickle down to the factory workers.
        • Bold, swift action is required to call to task a variety of stakeholders—from academia to service providers, from professionals to lay health workers.
        • His shift was over, and he was heading out on a mantrip, a type of shuttle that transports workers.
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