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  • VerbSGundergoesPRundergoingPTunderwentPPundergonePREunder-
    1. VT OBS To go or move under or beneath.
      1. VT To experience; to pass through a phase.
        1. Many of these classic methods are still used, with some modern improvements. For example, with the aid of special microphones and automated sound detection software, ornithologists recently reported […] that pine siskins (Spinus pinus) undergo an irregular, nomadic type of nocturnal migration.
      2. VT To suffer or endure; bear with.
        1. The victim underwent great trauma.
        2. She had to undergo surgery because of her broken leg.
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        • The patient underwent limited right hemicolectomy, and histology confirmed ileocecal lipohyperplasia.
        • FlhB undergoes asparagine-mediated autohydrolysis at N269-P270 [12 ,13 ].
        • She had to undergo surgery because of her broken leg.
    • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
      1. Morphemes
        • Prefixes
          • Words by prefix
            • Words prefixed with under-
        • Verbs
          • Transitive verbs
            • Verbs by inflection type
              • Irregular verbs
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          Meaning of undergo for the defined word.

          Grammatically, this word "undergo" is a morpheme, more specifically, a prefixe. It's also a verb, more specifically, a transitive verb and a verbs by inflection type.
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