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  • Turning On is a collection of thirteen science fiction short stories by Damon Knight. The stories were originally published between 1951 and 1965 in Galaxy, Analog and other science fiction magazines.
  • An Ace paperback reprinting in 1967 omitted the story "The Handler". This story was also omitted in the 1966 reissue of the Doubleday hardback edition.
turning on
turning on

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  • VerbBFturn onSGturns onPT, PPturned on
    1. present participle of turn on.
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        • The argument turned on the question of whether or not jobs would be lost.
        • It preserves the blue-collar setting of The Flintstones, and the family constellations are similar, but the "warmedy" Flintstone world is turned on its ear.
        • The crisis turned on their head the formulas that had seemed to work.
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      Grammatically, this idiom "turning on" is a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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