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  • VerbBFtrialSGtrialsPRtriallingPT, PPtrialledPT, PPtrialedPREtri-SUF-ling
    1. present participle of trial.
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        • A poor screw-driver is one of the most exasperating of poor tools, and a trial to one's patience and temper; besides, it is of little use attempting to "make it do," for it seldom will do.
        • The identification of the slipping moment was difficult for some trial data owing to numerous excessively small slips, possibly caused by microslips, and small object tilting.
        • The unserviceable Sea Hurricane airframe on board was placed on deck for blast trials in a low angle shoot and sustained no damage while in the centre of the deck.
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • The case languished for years before coming to trial.
        • The government ordered the spies to be terminated with extreme prejudice: they did not want them to expose what they knew in a public trial.
        • Biogen’s drug, aducanumab, slowed the decline in cognition in an early-stage trial.
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