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    1. plural of treatment.
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        • Calcineurin is a central signaling controller in eukaryotes[17 ]; thus, tacrolimus treatment often results in hypertension, pathoglycemia and other multi-systemic side effects[18 ,19 ].
        • Mean Skin Assessment Scale scores of patients in control, hydrocolloid dressing and eggcrate foam groups Group Mean score in treatment period
        • Serial ultrasounds and fundoscopic examinations performed during and before treatment were normal.
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        • Because of the seriousness of the injury the doctor is anaesthetising the area before treatment.
        • It is reported that long-term use of bisphosphonates contributes to persistent antifracture and bone mineral density (BMD) increasing effects for 3–5 years after an initial 3–5 years of treatment.
        • The change is due largely to the increased availability of antiretroviral treatment.
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