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    1. The act or process of transcribing.
      1. Something that has been transcribed, including.
        1. These frame tale interludes frequently include transcriptions of Italian folk songs.
      2. (genetics) The synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA.
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          • Similarly, the role of heat shock transcription factor B3 (HSFB3) has been implicated in response to abiotic stress and in mycorrhyzal association [61 ].
          • Previous study showed the zic family member Zic2a was involved in the regulation of two prethalamic transcription factor dlx2a and arxa.
          • Pax3 and Pax7 are paired box transcription factors that contribute to early striated muscle development and are expressed in the dermatomyotome of paraxial mesoderm.
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          • This means the stem-loop tool—with its base-pairing and nonpairing composition—is relevant to all agents of the current RNA world being active in cellular genomes after transcription.
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