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EN[tʌtʃ] [tʰɐtʃ] [tʰʌtʃ] [-ʌtʃ]

    Definition of touch in English Dictionary

  • NounPLtouches
    1. An act of touching, especially with the hand or finger.
      1. Suddenly, in the crowd, I felt a touch at my shoulder.
    2. The faculty or sense of perception by physical contact.
      1. With the lights out, she had to rely on touch to find her desk.
    3. The style or technique with which one plays a musical instrument.
      1. He performed one of Ravel's piano concertos with a wonderfully light and playful touch.
    4. A distinguishing feature or characteristic.
      1. Clever touches like this are what make her such a brilliant writer.
    5. A little bit; a small amount.
      1. Move it left just a touch and it will be perfect.
    6. The part of a sports field beyond the touchlines or goal-lines.
      1. He got the ball, and kicked it straight out into touch.
    7. A relationship of close communication or understanding.
      1. He promised to keep in touch while he was away.
    8. The ability to perform a task well; aptitude.
      1. I used to be a great chess player but I've lost my touch.
    9. OBS Act or power of exciting emotion.
      1. OBS An emotion or affection.
        1. OBS Personal reference or application.
          1. A single stroke on a drawing or a picture.
            1. OBS A brief essay.
              1. OBS A touchstone; hence, stone of the sort used for touchstone.
                1. OBS Examination or trial by some decisive standard; test; proof; tried quality.
                  1. (music) The particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.
                    1. a heavy touch, or a light touch
                  2. (shipbuilding) The broadest part of a plank worked top and but, or of one worked anchor-stock fashion (that is, tapered from the middle to both ends); also, the angles of the stern timbers at the counters.
                    1. The children's game of tag.
                      1. (bell-ringing) A set of changes less than the total possible on seven bells, i.e. less than 5,040.
                        1. SLA An act of borrowing or stealing something.
                          1. (Britain, plumbing, dated) tallow.
                          2. VerbSGtouchesPRtouchingPT, PPtouched
                            1. Primarily physical senses.
                              1. I touched her face softly. ‎
                              2. Sitting on the bench, the hem of her skirt touched the ground. ‎
                              3. They stood next to each other, their shoulders touching. ‎
                              4. Please can I have a look, if I promise not to touch? ‎
                              5. If you touch her, I'll kill you. ‎
                              6. Frankly, this wood's so strong that sandpaper won't touch it. ‎
                              7. Are you all right? You've hardly touched your lunch. ‎
                              8. Now a certain grand merchant ship once touched at Rokovoko, and its commander — from all accounts, a very stately punctilious gentleman, at least for a sea captain — this commander was invited to the wedding feast of Queequeg's sister, a pretty young princess just turned of ten.
                              9. But in fact the English kings of the seventeenth century usually began to touch form the day of their accession, without waiting for any such consecration.
                              10. Her parents had caught her touching herself when she was fifteen. ‎
                              11. Strong waters pierce metals, and will touch upon gold, that will not touch upon silver.
                              12. to touch the wind ‎
                            2. Primarily non-physical senses.
                              1. My grandfather, as many people know, was touched with greatness. ‎
                              2. Next to sorrow still I may annex such accidents as procure fear; for besides those terrors which I have before touched, [ …] there is a superstitious fear [ …] which much trouble many of us.
                              3. "Well, but since we have touched upon this business, and for the last time I hope," continued the doctor, "there is one point I should like you to understand."
                              4. Men of Israhell take hede to youreselves what ye entende to do as touchinge these men.
                              5. Stefan was touched by the song's message of hope. ‎
                              6. He had been drinking over lunch, and was clearly touched. ‎
                              7. The bill was finally touched after many hours of deliberation. ‎
                              8. I was running short, so I touched old Bertie for a fiver. ‎
                              9. You must be touched if you think I'm taking your advice. ‎
                              10. There was his mistress, Maria Morano. I don't think I've ever seen anything to touch her, and when you work for the screen [as I do] you're apt to have a pretty exacting standard of female beauty.
                            3. To try; to prove, as with a touchstone.
                              1. To mark or delineate with touches; to add a slight stroke to with the pencil or brush.
                                1. OBS To infect; to affect slightly.
                                  1. To strike; to manipulate; to play on.
                                    1. to touch an instrument of music ‎
                                  2. To perform, as a tune; to play.
                                    1. To influence by impulse; to impel forcibly.
                                    2. More Examples
                                      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                                        • Sitting on the bench, the hem of her skirt touched the ground. ‎
                                        • Four and Twenty tailors went to kill a snail; the best man among them durst not touch her tail...
                                        • Be cautious talking about religion or politics, lest you touch off an argument.
                                      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                                        • Touches of anime, including toys, enliven the otherwise neutral room where diners at the bar can watch the pancakes sizzle on a teppan griddle [ …]
                                        • Touch base with your boss before you start work to make sure you understand the project.
                                      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                                        • Fulham switched off as Giggs took a quick corner to Valencia. He played it back to Giggs, whose cross was headed in by Nani with the lurking Rooney unable to add a touch.
                                        • I used to be a great chess player but I've lost my touch.
                                        • It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm going to kick into touch.
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