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  • NounBFtextPLtextsSUF-ing
    1. the use of a mobile phone to send text messages via SMS.
    2. VerbBFtextSGtextsPT, PPtextedPT, PPtext
      1. present participle of text.
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          • After the kitten had died, Robins sent a text message to Knutton saying: "Remember the saying: 'What goes around comes around?' It has started already to bite you in the arse. The cat? Karma."
          • These placeholding symbols in the text will be replaced later on.
          • Google Book Search is a tool from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, OCRs, and stores in its digital database.[1]
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          • After the word layout is changed, you must go back and reindent the text.
          • To me, citing the letter is a bit like the whole Dumbledore is gay thing. Sure, we have the Word of God [1] that he is but I prefer my evidence to come from the text.
          • The translators were accused of despiritualizing the holy text.
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