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  • Terrain, or land relief, is the vertical and horizontal dimension of land surface. When relief is described underwater, the term bathymetry is used.
  • Terrain is used as a general term in physical geography, referring to the lay of the land. This is usually expressed in terms of the elevation, slope, and orientation of terrain features. Terrain affects surface water flow and distribution.
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    1. (geology) A single, distinctive rock formation; an area having a preponderance of a particular rock or group of rocks.
      1. An area of land or the particular features of it.
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          • ...and observed double diamond terrain features of terrain park, which was designed for advanced skiers and snowboarders who chose to recreate in a very challenging risk-filled environment...
          • Open since 1972, the resort overlooks the northwestern shore of Lake Tahoe and has 89 mostly intermediate trails on its 2,904 acres, as well as a 420-foot superpipe and eight terrain parks.
          • Several scouts antevolated the main column to ensure its security by gathering reconnaissance data from the terrain ahead.
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          • Some hikers choose to slackpack when they want credit for hiking the miles but do not want to carry full packs over difficult terrain.
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