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    1. The particular message or curriculum that is taught. Often used in the form: the teachings of X.
      1. plural of teaching.
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          • If there is one teaching that is peculiar to Buddhism alone among all the world's religions, I would say it is the principle of Śūnyatā (Voidness or Emptiness).
          • “The institutions whose primary mission is teaching — the masters and community colleges and bachelors colleges, are slowly disinvesting in the teaching function,” Ms. Wellman said.
          • On the eve of her 83rd birthday, Laura Flood looks forward to teaching her granddaughter Angel Larkman the finer points of running a trapline or hunting moose in the Temiskaming bush.
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          • Teaching has seen continual changes over the past decades.
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          • Curran, who opposes the papal ban on contraception, contends theologians may legitimately dissent from noninfallible teachings.
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