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  • NounBFsufacesPREsur-
    1. plural of surface.
    2. VerbBFsufaces
      1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of surface.
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          • In addition, nanotextured surfaces have been proposed for nanohybridization using a defined surface covered with nanostructures 5 .
          • Armand Marie, Pellagra (1910) p. 242. Certain of these “hydrophobias” are marked by a fear of flowing surfaces because of photophobia.
          • Muscle bundles run both parallel and perpendicular to the dermal surfaces of the fin (as seen in Fig 3 ), but only bundles running parallel to the dermal surface showed colabeling.
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          • Additionally, spheroids in suspension cultures can aggregate and refragment due to interactions with each other, the spin bar or the vessel surfaces.
          • A large percentage of all Late Horizon fragments at this site was overfired, to the point where many were vitrified, black to dark brown, and misshapen, some with blistered surfaces.
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