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  • Sort Of is the debut album of the avant-rock band Slapp Happy. It was recorded in Wümme, West Germany in May and June 1972.

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  • Adverb
    1. IDI COL  Approximately; in a way; partially; not quite; somewhat.
      1. Nothing was too small to receive attention, if a supervising eye could suggest improvements likely to conduce to the common welfare. Mr. Gordon Burnage, for instance, personally visited dust-bins and back premises, accompanied by a sort of village bailiff, going his round like a commanding officer doing billets.
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    1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
      • “He’s an American who overidealizes Paris as a sort of idyllic political and cultural mecca,” Mr. Goldberg said by phone.
      • But I own I like a quiet unobtrusive bristler — the sort of man who doesn't want to take you beyond ten times ten in the multiplication table.
      • 964) What with Fisher whole-hogging on one side, and K. of K. sphinxing on the other, Churchill had his work cut out to get any sort of agreement at all.
  • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
    1. Adverbs
      • Uncomparable adverbs

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    Grammatically, this idiom "sort of" is an adverb, more specifically, an uncomparable adverb.
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