set up meaning

  • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
    1. Phrases
      • Phrasal verbs
        • Phrasal verbs with particle (up)
      • Adjectives
        • Verbs
          • Verb forms
            • Participles
              • Past participles
              • Verb simple past forms
                • Verb forms using redundant wikisyntax
                • Phrasal verbs
                  • Phrasal verbs with particle (up)
                  • Intransitive verbs
                    • Transitive verbs
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                  Meaning of set up for the defined word.

                  Grammatically, this idiom "set up" is a phrase, more specifically, a phrasal verb. It's also an adjective. It's also a verb, more specifically, a verb form, a phrasal verb, an intransitive verb and a transitive verb.
                  Definiteness: Level 8
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